Our partners are responsible for a large part of Interact's training solutions for organizational development.

Your advantages? Excellent knowledge of international business environment, training programs proven to be successful all over the world, professionalism, multiculturalism.

De Bono Thinking Systems

The seminars, materials and books of Dr. Edward de Bono develop constructive thinking abilities in the educational and management field. The de Bono network is built internationally and includes over 400 trainers in 27 countries. Among the De Bono Thinking Systems international clients there are: IBM, Siemens, Du Pont, Statoil, British Airways, Shell, Motorola. The objective of the partnership between De Bono Thinking Systems and Interact is offering solutions for the development of key competences that lead to an increased performance through improved abilities to think creatively at an organisational level. This is possible by building on native abilities of the participants and improving the way groups make decisions, work together, generate ideas and contribute to increase the company's productivity.

Culture-Strategy Fit Inc.TM

This process it is used as an innovative set of organisational culture assessment tools, new thinking about culture change methods and high-engagement leadership development resources.

The objective of Culture-Strategy Fit Inc.TM - Interact partnership is to bring experience and new thinking about culture assessment and change.

Business Today International

Business Today International has been improving individual performances of employees and companies worldwide since 1981. The unique learning methodology and professional development contribute to the profound and real understanding of the business by all employees. This offers them the knowledge they need and manages to change the employees' attitude, so that they become aware and responsible of meeting the company's objectives, which finally leads to an increased performance.

Business simulations from Business Today International are available in Romania due to the partnership between BTI and Interact.

Thus, Interact can adapt business simulations to the client company profile as one of the strengths of simulations is their ability to be shaped to the specific of the company. What is most important in achieving the purpose of these simulations is that they can be applied at any level of the organization.

McLuhan and Davies Communications

Founded in 1980 in Toronto, Canada, McLuhan and Davies Communications have developed an international network of communication specialists who deliver practical courses designed to improve communication skills. By means of the international partner network, the courses are present worldwide, including North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Due to the partnership between Interact and McLuhan and Davies Communications, Interact has taken over 4 course modules, that we have been adapting to the participants' needs : Writing Dynamics™. E-mail Intelligence™, Think on Your Feet©, The Skilled Presenter™.

IoweU International Limited

IoweU International Limited is a training company created by David Lambert and Keith Dugdale, who authored the best-seller “Smarter Selling”. Starting from the world success of this book published by Financial Times-Prentice Hall, the two of them have developed one of the most successful sales training programs worldwide: IoweU-Better Buyer Relationships.At present this training program is delivered by salespeople from the US, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Among the international partners of IoweU International Limited there are: PriceWaterhouseCoopers Advisory, Australian Institute of Management, Singapore Institute of Management, Jupiter Consulting Group (USA), Canadian Management Centre, New Horizons (Australia), Deloitte, IBM. The mission of the partnership between Interact and IoweU International Limited is to bring one of the most famous and efficient sales courses to our clients.

Taking into consideration the differentiation of courses based on the specific of sales (products, services), as well as Interact's intervention in adjusting courses to the specific of each company, IoweU-Better Buyer Relationships helps participants to achieve immediate results. You will find out how to build personalised, long-term relationships with clients, you will learn how to transform them into partners and friends who will help you to sell more. It is a training program that teaches you how to sell without 'selling', how to understand the buyer, his/her business and challenges he/she faces and eventually how to build development plans together.


The Browning Group Inc is the company that developed Emergenetics®, one of the most important working tools in building teams within companies. Emergenetics® was developed in the US over 25 years ago and it is the result of ample research on over 300,000 adults. Based on the most recent research on brain dominants, this test is proven and valid and offers understanding that helps individuals to use their own thinking patterns and behavioural attributes in the best way.

Emergenetics® is a self-descriptive test in the sense that it requires your answer to a series of questions about you. The answers are compared to the group typology of the same gender, which allows you to compare yourself to the whole female or male population.

As of the autumn of 2008 Interact has been the only training company in Romania that uses Emergenetics® within our training and coaching projects.

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