From March 21st to 23rd we are holding another Emergenetics® Profile accreditation session in Bucharest enabling professionals on the Romanian market to use an entire ecosystem of tools, knowledge and networks behind Emergenetics® International.

Emergenetics® is a measurable, proven way to recognize and apply thinking and behavior patterns people use regularly. They were identified by reviewing research from a wide body of academic literature covering personality, psychology, and neuroscience.

The Emergenetics® approach of empowering individuals and organizations starts by taking the Emergenetics® Profile, which identifies each individual’s Thinking and Behavioral Preferences. Thereafter, tap into our global pool of Associates and consultants to develop customized solutions to your daily challenges, whether for knowing yourself, managing your team or building strong organisational cultures.

Why Emergenetics®?

  • It provides a greater understanding of self and others
  • It gives you insight into the ways your partners, clients and competitors process and react
  • It matches employee strengths with company objectives for improved customer service, increased sales, more in-depth marketing and research, and more efficient processes

Emergenetics® measures four distinct attributes based on Nobel Prize winning research on left-brain/right-brain thinking. By rooting the thinking attributes in this context, Emergenetics® clarifies thinking on a brain-based level. Emergenetics® theory resonates with people and provides understanding. It also generates reports for teams in order to have a more complex view on compatibilities and resources at hand.

  • Analytical – The combination of rational thought with abstract ideas
  • Structural – The combination of sequential thought with practical ideas
  • Social – The combination of intuitive thought and a regard for people
  • Conceptual – The combination of intuitive thought with abstract ideas

Participants’ reviews:

”Discovering Emergenetics®, I realised how important it actually is as an instrument. It can be a real competitive advantage for the managers who choose to apply it, simply because they get to fully cultivate the diversity of the team they lead. Whether we’re talking about strategic decisions in building top teams, or about management, communication and teambuilding trainings, Emergenetics® can make the difference.” Mihai Zant – Consultant Interact

”The Emergenetics® Certification offers me valuable perspectives over each single role I have: coach, husband, friend and so on. Managing to accept myself as I am and to connect this with my thinking and behavioural preferences, I succeed in keeping myself energetic. The transformation of your potential weaknesses into strengths is also useful in self-development: your daily interactions, setting your objectives and also understanding the differences between you and the ones around you in order to transform them in common ground.” – George Agafitei, Trainer Interact

”The Emergenetics® certification was a very good opportunity for me to get to know this behaviour analysis instrument and also for an in-depth understanding, because over the 3 dynamic and full of valuable informations days, I actually found out in how may ways it can be applied. For the organisation I am a part of, the analysis and discussion over our profiles have made the difference: it is very important to know who you are and how your brain works, and at the same time, it’s important to know how others around you might work (family, colleagues, bosses) and that helps you a lot when it comes down to interactions and also to harmoniously building your team up. It offered me an in-depth understanding in matters of the relationships I have with others and helped me adjust them properly. I also understood how this instrument can be effectively applied in coaching. It’s been a really nice experience, can’t wait to put into practice what I’ve learnt.” – Alexandra Sucioaia, HR Development Responsible, Carrefour Romania.