When you decide to start a training program, your expectations are very high.
You want competent people, who understand your needs, and are familiar with the business environment in general.

You want trainers who are able to answer all your questions. Who can engage in constructive dialogues during the programs. You want more than a simple trainer.

That’s exactly what the Interact trainers are like! They have business experience gained by working for many years for and with important organizations.

They have extensive experience in training, certified by numerous accreditations from Interact’s external partners. Besides these important advantages, Interact trainers are characterized by a very important differentiator: empathy. Which means they understand you and your colleagues.

Starting from here, they will adapt Interact’s programs to your specific. Meaning that you’ll receive exactly the training program you need. Now it’s your turn. Evaluate. Think carefully. Wouldn’t you benefit from collaborating with such a team?

Lucian Mihai

Lucian Mihai is Partner at Interact. He has gained managerial experience in the domain of professional services and sales management, as well as IT distribution. Lucian is a trainer and a consultant within the Interact Development Department.

Regarding the training field, Lucian has gained extensive experience in different industries in a few key areas: management, especially people management, business communication and relationships. Lucian has several international accreditations, besides being a Master Trainer in the international network Think on Your Feet®. He is also a member of the faculty with IAA Marketing and Communication School, Romania.

Education and Acquired Trainings::
Visual Facilitation, Improvisation and Story Telling, Unleash The Power Within, Needs Analysis, Instructional Design, N.E.W.S.TM Team Navigation, N.E.W.S.TM Organizational Navigation, N.E.W.S.TM Experience, N.E.W.S.TM Corridor Coaching, IoweU©, Master Trainer Think on Your Feet®, The Skilled Presenter™, Coaching to Success, The Art and Science of Feedback©

Alina Doica

Alina’s expertise includes communication solutions, presentation skills, team effectiveness, train the trainer and organisational culture. For the past 11 years, she has been delivering Interact solutions to clients from IT&C, banking, FMCG, energy and pharma.

Alina is involved in various organizational development projects, with an active role in needs analysis, program design and delivery, account management and product development. Her experience ranges from working with one-to-one solutions to groups of up to 170. She is a member of the teaching staff of IAA’s Marcomm School, where she has been teaching the presentations module since 2008.

Petrica Bordei

Petrica Bordei is Trainer at Interact. He has more than 15 years experience in HR management and learning and development. Besides this, Petrica also acquired experience in sales and sales management. He has extensive L&D work experience with all levels employees in production, construction and FMCG. Working in both HR management and L&D allowed Petrica to gain insight and relevant hands-on experience in a complex and challenging business environment. As a trainer Petrica has worked mostly in the areas of leadership, people management, communication and sales.

Education and Acquired Trainings:
Transylvania University, Brasov, Engineering; Open University – CODECS, Romania; SHL /CEB- Motivational and development reports; Hay Group International London- Certified in 360 degrees reports; National Adult Formation Agency under Labor Ministry authorization; Human Quality UK , Certified in Development Centers.

Emilia Ilie

Emilia joined the Interact team in June 2008 working as an Assistant Manager in the Administrative-Logistics Department. Her interests are oriented towards the logistic organization and secretarial activities. Emilia worked for 6 years in the banking sector where self development was possible both personally and professionally, and in particular acquiring expertise in Customer Care.

Education and Acquired Trainings: Master in Management and Marketing Organization - Strategic Management, Romanian-American University Bucharest 2014; Management and Marketing, Romanian-American University Bucharest 2011; Presentation, Reasoning and Show, Managing Business Today, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Professional Services Today, Consumer MarketingToday, Fundementals of Structural Thinking, Customer Centric Behaviour, Time Management. Sales, Techniques of Banking Products, Presentation Skills.

Dan Marinescu

Dan Marinescu is Managing Partner at Interact. He is Financial and Logistics Department Manager. His activity is oriented towards implementing and improving the financial indicators and optimizing the company's logistic flows.

Education: Executive MBA, Academy of Economic Studies and Le Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers, Paris, 2006-2008; Business Administration, Seneca College, 2005; Faculty of Management and Marketing, Romanian-American University of Bucharest; Financial Management, Codecs, 2003.

Education and Acquired Trainings: Emotional Intelligence, Improvisation and Story Telling, Unleash The Power Within, Leadership for Managers, NEWS Experience, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Project Management, Consumer Marketing, Fundementals of Structural Thinking, Aligning Company and Individual Performance, Factory - Team Training International.

Adrian Vasiliu

Adrian is part of the innovative Interact Communication Department and he contributes to maintaining and continuously improving its strategy for change in providing language training programmes.

Adrian has national and international professional experience in both education and training systems and his working languages are French and English. He has taught in United States and in a language centre in Bucharest, mostly to adult learners, and he has been part of the teams of two training projects in the field of logistics and transport, carried out in France and several French and English-speaking African countries. He has also worked as a translator within a telecommunications company and for Romanian international film festivals.

Vlad Marinescu

Vlad Marinescu is a Marketing Adviser at Interact and has joined the team in May 2016. His activity within the Interact Development Department is oriented towards several projects regarding the company's communication strategy. He is focusing on delivering the right informations Interact's clients need in order to be in touch with the company's values, current projects and future plans.

Nontheless, Vlad is an enthusiastic one which can be described by his curiosity and a certain level of commitment to his projects.

Education and Acquired Trainings: Degree in Marketing at the Faculty of Marketing, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

Aura Frincu

Aura is specialized in delivering general and business French and Romanian courses for all levels tailored to the needs of professionals working in various industries. She focuses on helping her clients achieve their objectives while having an engaging learning experience.

She is also a certified examiner with the French Institute in Bucharest. In addition, she has done interpreting for business workshops, translated training materials, user manuals, and films for various French Film Festivals.

Education and Acquired Trainings:Master’s in teaching French as a second language (Master 1 FLE), Rouen University, France; Bachelor Degree in Foreign Languages, University of Bucharest. Instructional Design 4MAT4BUSINESS; Visual Facilitation; Improvisation and Story Telling; Presentation, Reasoning and Show; Facilitation skills©; Managing Business Today™;Giving & receiving feedback; Customer Centric Behaviour©; Professional Services Today™ (Business Today International); Introduction to Coaching Abilities; Consumer Marketing Today™.

Oana Macroiu

Oana has been a trainer within the Interact Communication Department since 2008 and is fluent in English and Spanish. She proves great capability to empathize with people and is constantly focused on designing her language training agendas following creative and inspirational patterns.

Education and Acquired Training: 2007- M.A. in English Applied Linguistics at the University of Bucharest, 2006- B.A. in English and Spanish at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bucharest. Visual Facilitation, Improvisation and Story Telling, Presentation, Reasoning and Show, Facilitation skills©, Managing Business Today™, Giving & receiving feedback, Customer Centric Behaviour©, Professional Services Today™ (Business Today International), Who moved my cheese?©, Introduction to Coaching Abilities, Consumer Marketing Today™, Train the Trainers©, Time Management, Skilled Presenter, TalkWorks at Work.

Miruna Neacsu

Miruna Neacsu is a trainee at Interact with a recent degree in psychology. She has 3 years' experience as a volunteer in the Psychology and Educational Sciences Students' Association in which she planned and implemented educational projects, developed learning programmes for future project coordinators, whose activity she later guided.

Being at the beginning of her professional career she approaches her activity with curiosity and a constant willingness to learn.

Education and Acquired Trainings:
Public speaking, Teamwork, Advertising for beginners, Situational Leadership, Employee Branding (HR School), Giving and receiving feedback, Art Therapy, Social efficiency, Time & task management.

Ramona Ababei

Ramona is a trainer within the Communication department and has nine years experience in designing and delivering Business German and Business English training sessions to clients from various industries.

Education: MBA in Entrepreneurial and Innovation Management, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest and Westfälische Hochschule, Bucharest, 2014, BA in German and British Studies, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, 2004.

Education and Acquired Trainings:
Instructional Design, Improvisation and Story Telling, Presentation Skills, Facilitation skills, Giving & receiving feedback, Managing Business Today™, Consumer Marketing Today™, Professional Services Today™, Customer Centric Behaviour, Introduction to Coaching Abilities, Train the Trainers, Time Management, Skilled Presenter™, Think on Your Feet®, TalkWorks at Work, Project Management, Change Management, Process Communication Model, Emotional Intelligence, Visual Facilitation.

Cristina Catu

Cristina Catu is a trainer for the Communication Department of Interact. Cristina has over nine years’ experience in teaching English across all age groups and over two years’ experience in teaching Romanian to foreigners. She has also worked as a translator for a leading PR company, as an editor for one of the top global outsourcing providers and as a copywriter for a small but ambitious start-up.

Education and Acquired Trainings:
Communicative Assessment (ongoing); Trainer Certification, 2013; BEC Higher, 2011; TEFL Certificate, 2010; ESL workshops organized by the British Council / Macmillan Education, 2003 - 2010.

Simona Noaptes

Simona is a trainer within the Communication department. She has a two years experience in teaching French and Romanian to foreigners. She focuses on making her courses interactive and practically useful. She worked as a copyright assistant for one of the most important publishing houses in Romania. She is also a translator for some cultural magazines.

Education and Acquired Trainings: B.A. in Romanian and French at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bucharest

George Agafitei

George has more than 20-year experience, out of which more than 10 years as specialist/manager for well-known companies (BRD, ProTV, Andersen Romania, and Ernst & Young Romania) and since 2006 as Trainer and Coach. He delivers various programs such as leadership development, building trust, effective feedback and strategy & innovation for middle and top management. The industries George addressed to, are: insurance, banking, e-commerce, manufacturing, telco, leasing, spare parts distribution, home appliance. Also, George accompanies NGO such as Romanian Business Leaders Foundation in achieving their mission of entrepreneurship development in Romania.

Education and Acquired Trainings: Business Model Canvases (BMI, Netherland – 2015), Brief Coaching Training (Solution Surfers, Switzerland – 2008 – 2010), Systemic Coaching Fundamentals (Metasysteme Coaching, Romania – 2013), BA in Psychology (Bucharest University – 1995), MBA (major in Marketing – Canadian Romanian Program - 2000).

Georgeta Dendrino

Georgeta Dendrino is the Managing Director of Interact and has more than 18 years of experience in the field of training and consultancy and six years in coaching. She has developed and delivered training programs for managerial teams from top to middle management, and has been a team leader in various consultancy projects. She has developed various business simulations and teambuilding programs. Working with major industries such as Banks, Construction, pharmaceutical and oil.Georgeta is a member of The Executive Board of AMCOR (Romanian Management Consultancies Association) and member of the Romanian Human Resources Club.

Education and Acquired Trainings: Executive Master in Coaching and Consulting for Change, Insead, April 2014 – May 2016; The Challenge of Leadership, Insead, January – December 2013; Executive MBA, Asebuss and Kennessaw State University, Atlanta, USA, 2007; Human Resources Management Certificate of Seneca College, Toronto Business Administration and Marketing Courses, Seneca College, Toronto, Canada Professional Certificate in Management, The Open University, UK, (CODECS), 1998 – 2000; BA, Bucharest University, Foreign Languages Faculty, 1992.

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