Change starts with communication skills.
We offer the perfect solutions to refine your
communication skills.

Mastering Email Communication™

A license of McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc., Canada, this program addresses those who want to develop more efficient e-mail communication.

Writing Dynamics™

A license of McLuhan & Davies Communications Inc., the program addresses those who aim at improving their business correspondence and general writing skills. The participants will learn how to be more productive in drafting their daily documents ranging from short memos to large, complex reports.

TalkWorks at Work©

A British Telecom course designed for those who want to learn how to become better communicators and interact more efficiently with other people within or outside the organization.

Think on Your Feet®

A license of McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc., Canada, the course is a practical intensive workshop on how to speak spontaneously with clarity, brevity and impact. By focusing on an individual's ability to think quickly and clearly, Think on Your Feet® dramatically improves oral communication skills.

Tell Me More®

TellMeMore® has been brought to Romania as a result of the partnership between Interact and Auralog, one of the world leading online training solution providers.

Spells of Influence©

Get things done and achieve goals through, with, or approved by others. Discover how people make decisions, what are the contributing factors, and how to approach different types of people and situations. Through snippets of research-based theory, interactive discussions and practice sessions, you will learn how to build, manage and assess relationships, make alliances, and use techniques to influence and persuade others.


The Management Program is designed in order to develop essential competencies
for managers in top positions: results orientation, profound understanding
of business mechanisms, creativity, understanding and
overcoming risks.

Journey to Your Inner Self©

Journey to Your Inner Self© comes as the latest solution from Interact, a program that targets specific goals, looking to solve the following current issues:
leaders' and leadership crisis within organisations, limitation of traditional approaches in leadership development, lack of tools and depth in addressing the root cause of any personal development endeavour - knowledge of self.

The solution consists of a unique experiential learning program, based on an initiatic journey, in a group coaching format, providing real life situations experiences.

Finance for Sales Teams™

Abusiness simulation designd by Business Today International especially for sales teams. The simulation offers the participants the opportunity to understand more profoundly the key factors in the success of your business, as well as the manner in whih they can contribute to it.

Managing Business Today™

License of Business Today International, Managing Business Today™ is an interactive simulation helping participants understand how mechanisms of a business work and what the factors that increase the company's financial performance are.

Strategic Risk Management Today™

A Business Today International license, this interactive workshop is a business simulation where participants gain knowledge on the basic processes of strategic risk management.

Professional Services Today™

License of BTI, Professional Services Today™ is an interactive simulation dedicated to companies that deliver professional services for organizations.

Today’s Entrepreneur™

This program is a business simulation designed to offer the participants the understanding of operations involved in running a business unit or an SME.

Banking Operations Today™

Banking Operations Today™, a Business Today International license, is a business simulation designed for all employees of a bank, regardless of their level, helping them to improve their own contribution to the operational efficiency of a commercial bank.

Mobile Telecom Today™

Mobile Telecom TodayTM is a board-based simulation which enables all levels of management to improve their contribution to the performance of the business as well as achieve individual goals.

Aligning Company Strategy and Individual Objectives™

License of BTI, Professional Services Today™ is an interactive simulation dedicated to companies that deliver professional services for organizations.


The Marketing Program develops key competences for your
colleagues in the marketing department such as: logical thinking,
creativity or strategic marketing for company growth.

Consumer Marketing Today™

License of our partner, Business Today International, this interactive workshop is a marketing and sales simulation in which participants manage their own brands and product portfolio, are in competition with other teams to win customers and market share.

Six Thinking Hats®

A licence of Advanced Practical Thinking Training®, Inc, USA, Six Thinking Hats® is a unique workshop, based on a technique developed by Dr. Edward de Bono, the father of serious creativity and lateral thinking.


This program is dedicated to everyone with managerial duties.
During its courses you will learn to help your team reach its
full potential and further develop the abilities of the team members.

Healthy Conflicts©

The course facilitates identifying types of conflicts present within the organization and offers a set of instruments to efficiently manage these.

Managing Interpersonal Relationships©

This course offers various tools to identify different types of behavior.


Business is about capitalizing on opportunities. To do that, you need your strategy, your processes and your people in sync.

Emergenetics® is a multifaceted tool for your entire business. A brainbased profile that analyzes people from a thinking and behavioral perspective.

With Emergenetics®, you get a greater understanding of your team and your business, which translates into productivity, effectiveness, synchronicity, and solutions.

The Art and Science of Feedback©

A license of Breakthrough Learning Associates Inc., Canada, this course is a tool for the development of managerial evaluation and communication abilities for team leading.

Advanced Facilitation Skills©

The main themes tackled revolve around common but important challenges facilitators usually face: maintaining the public’s level of energy, managing difficult conversations, getting to the gist of the matter, aligning perspectives at a group level, and most importantly, achieving the main goal of the meeting and conducting preliminary interviews with the sponsor and the participants in order to discover what are the difficult subjects for them.


The Personal Effectiveness Program is designed in order to develop
competencies such as logical thinking, impactful negotiations, performance conducive thinking.

Effective Negotiation Skills©

This course helps the participants acquire specific abilities of the negotiation process. The course is addressed to the colleagues who negotiate internally and externally with suppliers and customers and is meant to improve the negotiations' balance.

Project Management©

This course is an excellent instrument which offers on one hand the big picture of project management and lays the foundation for an understanding of the business processes, and the on the other hand it develops managerial skills such as the ability to motivate, hold accountable, assess and comunicate during projects.

Planning to Success©

The course has as a result the improvement of the working environment by doing a correct and professional planning of activities.

The Skilled Presenter™

This course will teach you interactively everything you need to know in order to deliver a successful presentation.


The Sales Program is addressed to your colleagues from the sales department and
it will teach them both sales techniques as well as ways to build long term relationships
with their business partners, based on healthy financial grounds.

IOweU – Better Buyer Relationships©

IOweU – Better Buyer Relationships© is the newest sales training concept and it teaches you how to look at sales from a completely fresh, unprecedented perspective.

Key Account Management

A licence of Advanced Practical Thinking Training®, Inc, USA, Six Thinking Hats® is a unique workshop, based on a technique developed by Dr. Edward de Bono, the father of serious creativity and lateral thinking.


The Human Resources Program is designed to support the professionals from HR department to efficiently develop a team and improve HR managerial abilities.

Recruitment Skills

The course presents the stages of the recruitment and selection process, CV-selection principles, types of questions for competences specific to the job description, interviewing techniques and practice of the latter by mean of the video-recorded role-plays.

Train The Trainers©

A complete course to develop training delivery abilities of HR department professionals and line managers.


We offer fast paced foreign languages courses for:
english, french, german, romanian, italian and spanish

Discovering Romanian Level 1

The first level of the course, "Discovering Romanian", helps foreigners learn basic elements of Romanian and get used to the life style and cultural aspects of Romania. The vocabulary covers every day topics, like: how to introduce yourself, personal agenda, at the restaurant, money, taxi, shopping, free time, socializing and phone conversations.

Exploring Romanian Level 2

Exploring Romanian Level 2 - This course represents the best choice for people who already have basic knowledge of Romanian or have completed "Discovering Romanian". The second module facilitates more detailed conversations, using extensive vocabulary. Participants will be able to have more elaborate conversations and express their point of view with more arguments. The course includes all grammar issues the participants need in order to reach a superior level of Romanian. The topics covered in this course are: a comparison between the culture of Romania and that of the native country of the participants, mass media, business meetings and administration.

Enjoying Romanian Level 3

The third level encourages conversational fluency of advanced Romanian speakers. The course book covers topics such as:

How Romanians develop business relations with foreigners
Jargon terms
Romanian politics debates over the future of the world.

Introducing Business Communication©

The first level of the Business English program is addressed to people who had some or no exposure to using English and wish to structure the information in order to be able to communicate easily in a business environment.

The vocabulary of this course includes specific idioms for the business language, and the texts cover topics from management, marketing, finances and sales.

The course contains practical exercises referring to drafting reports, memos, letters or CV’s. The topics of conversation are related to hiring interviews, sales meetings or mass media.

Developing Business Communication©

The course represents the best choice for most of the professionals who have not attended a specialized program in English, but who can use English at a satisfactory level in their current job tasks.

This second level represents a useful tool to enhance the knowledge of English language structures. The course includes all the grammar issues the participants need to know in order to reach an advanced level.

The grammar issues are taught by practicing topics from fields such as: public relations, advertising, socializing and business meetings. The associated vocabulary is learned during activities like delivering short presentations, written assignments or role plays and recap sessions.

Managing Business Communication©

The third level of the courses encourages conversational fluency of people with advanced knowledge of English.

Lessons consist of presenting business case studies and of exercises which build arguments in favour of opinions referring to these cases, develop points of view and practise role plays.

The case studies cover topics such as: business partnerships, finance, quality management, and discrimination at the workplace.

The course also includes a review of all the important grammar issues, TOEFL and GMAT exercises to enhance the use of English structures, as well as tools to develop professional writing abilities.

Le Français Pratique©

“Le Français Pratique©” addresses persons who have had no contact with the French language or whose French knowledge is limited.
Participants learn how to introduce themselves and the others, to organize and take part in personal and business meetings, to plan their agenda, carry out phone conversations.

The course offers the essential tools that enable trainees to handle everyday situations.The course includes practical activities on drafting CV-s and cover letters, as well as advice on improving communication abilities within office meetings.

Deutsch Interaktiv 1. Niveau

The course is designed for people without any knowledge of German.

The participants will be able to understand and draft basic office documents or describe current situations. The information is structured mainly for the present.

The course approaches general and business conversation topics related to daily operations and practises basic dialogues necessary in everyday, informal situations.German is starting to be increasingly used in the international business environment so that knowing it significantly helps in the working relations with German partners.

Deutsch Interaktiv 2. Niveau

This course is the best choice for people who already have command of German and can carry out simple conversations in the present.

It offers the tools to solve practical business situations, such as writing e-mails, reports or CV’s.

Likewise, by means of this course, the participants will be able to improve their conversational skills.

Business Spanish Language

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Business Italian Language

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